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Batch File Uploading Software

http://mySlider.com uses iBULC and will create HTML code for you to put a free slideshow on your own site.

Uploading your files

Browse. Submit. Browse. Submit.

Sound familiar? Good! Time to move on to the next level - iBULC!

iBULC enables you, or your users, to upload multiple files, across all major server platforms, and can be integrated with any server side program or script, be it Perl, PHP, ASP, or Java.

Key Features:

  • Support browsers like IE, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.
  • Client runs on both Mac OS X and Win32 computers
  • ServerSide can be any script that can handle HTTP POST uploads as defined by RFC 1867
  • Upload multiple files at once through an easy user interface
  • Optionally resizes images before uploading (relieves bandwidth and server resources)
  • Set file upload restrictions (location/type/size)
  • Uses stylesheets to blend seamlessly into your site design
  • Optional watermark resized images Try
  • Resize PDF and EPS files Try
  • Support HTTP Basic Authentication Try u/p: bob

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